When Molly Rogers moved to the Pacific Northwest from Texas she couldn’t find a good margarita. Everything was sweet and syrupy—nothing like the light, tart ones she knew.

Molly's family used to preserve peaches in vinegar to create a sweet and sour drink. Combining memories with a liberal dose of creativity, Molly concocted a lime drink for margaritas. It embodied an authentic tart and tangy lime flavor perfect for not only margaritas, but also for mojitos, mules, rickeys and even sodas. This very first concoction is now known as Straight Lime Shrub, and it was in that moment that Lola’s Fruit Shrubs was born.

Our founder Molly is dedicated to crafting organic, locally sourced beverages using seasonal fruits. She is adamant about supporting local farms and giving back to the Eugene community in which her company began. She donates a portion of her annual profits to charities that advance disability rights and work to make communities more accessible for people of all abilities.   

Lola’s Fruit Shrubs is the only FDA approved, ready-to-drink shrub in the country. Our Shrubs are available in our online store and in retailers around the Pacific Northwest.