What is a shrub?


Fruit shrubs are vinegar based beverages infused with fruit and herbs that mix well with spirits, soda and carbonated water. Their unique flavors add a healthy, fresh twist to everyday cocktails. 

Shrub originated in 17th century England when people used vinegar to preserve fresh fruits. Over time the vinegar would end up infused with the fruit, creating a delicious beverage in itself. The bite of the vinegar was taken away, leaving a syrup that could be sweetened to taste and used to flavor soft drinks or cocktails. After its discovery in England, shrub made its way to the United States, but soon fell out of fashion when fruit could be preserved by refrigeration. 

The recipe for our shrub was kept alive and passed down through our founder Molly's family. Molly used this recipe as a basis for her first Lola's flavor, and the rest is history.