About Us

When Lola’s owner moved to the West Coast in 2003 from Austin, TX she missed a good tart, lime margarita. She started making her own mixes from scratch and remembered her great grandmother Lola preserving peaches in vinegar. That sweet and sour peachy vinegar was delicious, and she started playing with vinegars in her lime margarita mix. The results were compelling. So much so that Lola’s Fruit Shrubs became a business in 2013. 

Lola's is about more than great cocktails. Lola's is about great people, too. We work as a team to donate a portion of earnings to non-profit organizations we believe in. One of them is Mobility International (www.miusa.org). Its mission is to empower people with disabilities worldwide to advocate for their human rights. Less than 1% of the world's disabled population is literate. When Lola's owner became disabled she became driven to make a difference. If you're interested in showing support, click the link below and make a donation.

Molly Rogers